Submerged Spiral Classifier

Classification equipment—the spiral of overflow end is completely immersed below liquid level
50~1410 t/d
Product improvement
An automatic elevating apparatus is added to the discharge opening. The scoop in ball mill is eliminated bringing more stable operation.

Work principle

Fine ore pulps are fed into water tank through feeding opening located in the center of settling zone. Beneath the inclined water tank is the ore pulp classification zone where ore pulps are stirred by low-speeded impellers. Fine ore particles are lifted up and then spilled out the overflow opening; coarse ore particles precipitate down to tank bottom and are discharged via discharge opening.

Product application

Submerged spiral classifier with the spiral of overflow end completely immersed below liquid level is applied in classifying ore with particle size 0.15~0.07mm

Product Structure

Submerged Spiral Classifier

Technical Parameters

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Submerged Spiral Classifier

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