Knife Gate Valve

Product Introduction
A Knife Gate Valve with spool made of wear-resistant rubber developed by international advanced technoloy
1.6MPa/cm 2
Product Improvement
High resilience of rubber liners of valve, tight combination between gate valve and disc, guarantee the sealing


  • Rubber spool is produced with ” liquid phase nanometer compounding, normal temperature high-frequency curving”. Wear-resistant index id over 128% and its service life is 2-4 times longer than ordinary valves under the same working conditions.
  • Xinhai wear – resistant rubber as liners of knife gate valve owns high resilience up to 86% and high sealing performance, no leakage
  • Simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance
  • No pressure lose

Product Description

Knife gate valve is composed of seat, valve lining, gate, support and drive device, simple and convenient composition.

Generally Xinhai gate valves are hand-operated and they can also be made into air-operated or electromotive ones according to the requirements of users. It can be operated on the spot as well as remote controlled. Structural length and flange dimension are in accordance with National Standard of China and they also can be made according to the user requirements.

Product Structure

Knife Gate Valve

Xinhai knife gate valve is mainly manual gate valve. Xinhai can also manufacture electric and pneumatic gate valve according to the needing of customers. The three kinds of gate valve can be carried out by remote control. In addition, the valve body is fitted with oil nipple to reduce the friction on gate and force moment of opening and closing of the valve. Spool made of wear – resistant rubber, small specific gravity, easier to replace


Knife Gate Valve

Used in full open and close working conditions such as feeding to cyclones, double return pipes

Technical Parameters

DN Pressure (Mpa) Motor of electric device Max torque (N•m) Motor Power (KW)
50 1.6 DZ10 100 0.25
65 1.6 DZ10 100 0.25
80 1.6 DZ10 100 0.25
100 1.6 DZ10 200 0.37
125 1.6 DZ10 200 0.37

The Details of technical parameters, please check the computer version of the page.