Carbon Screen

Product Introduction
An equipment for separation of carbon and slurry
Frame diameter
Product Application
In the cyaniding carbon pulp plant, it is used to screen activated carbon in the leaching tank.


No moving parts; the screen holes are not easy to block; simple structure; convenient operation and maintenance; low cost; long service life

The screen separates activated carbons from mineral pulps. As a result, mineral pulps flow to next leaching tank, while activated carbons remain in the current leaching tank.

Product Structure

Carbon Screen

Technical Parameters

Model Frame diameter (mm) Frame

length (mm)

Screen hole specification (mesh) Weight (kg)
SY100 100 1000 28 10
SY125 125 1000 28 13
SY200 150 1000 28 14
SY250 200 1000 28 16
SY300 300 1000 32 24
SY500 500 1000 32 35

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